Give yourself the gift of summer…Shoes!

It can be a little difficult to buy shoes online. You can’t try a pair of shoes online to see how it fits and looks on your feet. This should surely not stop you from shopping online. Even if you are waiting on your next pay-cheque and it seems that it will never come. Retail therapy is classed as medicinal, so even if you don’t buy, you can look and be calmed by the tranquility of materialism!

Don’t make a hasty decision just because it’s the ‘Sale season’

A lot of big brands offer their shoes on Sale. Sale seasons can attract you and even make you buy some really pretty shoes but all stylish shoes are not comfortable. So, make sure you pick shoes that have comfortable heels. Also, check out all the details of your favourite shoes online. Don’t forget to read all the features of the shoes before you buy them. Make sure they have traction and a breathable upper.

For some more practical advice, go with what feels good, what you like and what is going to suit you. Now nobody can tell you the answers to these three magic questions, so go with what you will like and more importantly wear! You don’t want to blow your wages on a pair of shoes that then proceed to sit in the closet for the next 5-years, before you give them to the local charity shop.

Blow the budget?

While it might be tempting to say, ‘to heck with it’ and splurge on a new pair of shoes, you need to hedge your bets and confirm, reaffirm and think before all major purchases. Including shoes! Don’t go overboard simply because they are the new thing or you saw Madonna wearing them at her latest film premiere. Think long and hard is my advice. And if you simply must have them why not put the cost onto a credit card so that you can make the payment at the end of the month when you get paid? There’s nothing worse than running out of cash before payday. If credit cards aren’t an option, payday loans are always handy for me, more on that later.

Explore some good shoes in a nearby market

You can go to a nearby market and check out some bargains. Now these won’t be designer but they will be cheap. This could even leave you open to buying several pairs for the price of one designer pair. Again only go with something you love!

Use massaging gel insoles for your favorite shoes that are too cute to be thrown away

If you want to buy shoes more freely and quickly online then consider some massaging gel insoles. They will ease any unexpected pain. Engineered for most shock absorption, these insoles don’t rupture or leak. They have up to 75% more cushioning energy than the regular gel insoles. They act like tiny springs that absorb all the stress, allowing you to stay at comfort all day.

Lack of money?

There are lots of options when it comes to getting cash before you have it, there are credit cards or loans of course. Payday loan sites offer a specific service specially for those with a less than perfect credit score. Loans aren’t the answer of course if you suffer from long-term debt, and will likely only heap more misery upon an already miserable situation. Use wisely and appropriately!

Don’t like shoes, then I have the only other summer option you’ll need to glam up any drab outfit. Sunglasses!

Check out the hot new fad this summer

Take a guess on the bright colored glasses that have carried on for so long, from the retro 80’s right up to the present day. Yes, neon sunglasses it is. Neon sunglasses are again the newest rage in sunglasses. They are made up of rubber or plastic and are available in bright colors. They give you the cool factor not seen in the regular glasses. They are a fun hand out for kids’ parties or even pool or office parties. They provide you that vibrant summer look. Summer is for lot of sun and fun activities and these colorful glasses only enhance that look and feel.

Where to buy?

These glasses can be ordered in assorted colors with different price range depending on your need. You can even have them with your special message or logo to convey your unique style statement. Some manufacturers have gone a step ahead and offer them in custom features like glow in the dark and heart shape.  Additionally, they are also available in shutter and radiator style.

Who will not like a pair of sunglasses in the summer? It does not have to be just for regular use. Be innovative and use them for a birthday party at the beach or for a prom event for the teens. Alternatively, it could also be used for some memorable summer event like a wedding or anniversary. Imagine the fun and enthusiasm when everyone including the bride is posing in these flashy sunglasses for a picture. Everybody will remember these cute sunnies for fun photos of the wedding day.

Shopping on a budget

For those that do not have spare cash to be splashing my top tip is to use charity shops. They are simply a Godsend in a lot of cases. You can pick up designer shoes, bags, coats, you name it, you’ll find it in the good ol’ charity shop.

What’s best is you won’t be getting into trouble with the hubby or causing yourself to go into your overdraft to be able to afford that piece of clothing to do for.

The sizing will of course be restricted and you’ll have to really scour to find what you’re looking for. But this is all part of the game when it comes to saving your money by using charity shops instead of high street clothing stores. Cut up that credit card, your penny jar is now the only form of currency you’ll ever need!



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