My iPhone/iPod tips

If you love listening to music as much as I do then it is most certain that you will find a way to transfer music into an iPod efficiently. Apple, the inventors of iPod, is probably the most creative company we know in this world and therefore their way to a solution is unique in its own right.

There are many kinds of iPods available now from the time of its inception. Most people pick cheap iPods for the affordability factor but overlook to ensure that there are recommended ways to transfer music into them. Not doing so may cause problems. A cheap iPod may not be expensive but if not used in the suggested way, it may pose a problem.

There are three quick and efficient ways to transfer music from your computer to your iPod.

It is important to install iTunes in the first place. Updating your iTunes will bring all the tracks on your computer into the iTunes playlist. In case the music library surpasses the iPod storage capacity then iTunes will most certainly offer you to choose the songs you want to sync in your iPod. In this matter, I prefer iPod nano. An iPod nano is sleek, stylish and fits into the pocket with great ease.

The second option is to automatically update selected playlists. Here, iTunes will copy all those playlists that you have selected.

And, the third way is to do things manually. You can drag and drop your favorite numbers or playlists manually. This can be done using the summary tab available on the iPod settings.

Last weekend, when I was trying to transfer my new collection of songs into iPod, the number of songs on my computer exceeded the storage capacity of the iPod. I quickly used the auto fill option in iTunes to pick my personal favorite ones. Now, that’s what I call innovation at a click of a button.

Try these steps to transfer your music and then the next train ride won’t be all that boring at all.

Easy way to archive your digital photos

If you happen to be one of those people that still have a large amount of old photos or slides from years past, then it’s probably high-time that you get those digitally archived. Not only will slides and pictures deteriorate over time, but the longer you wait to convert them to digital, the more time you have to lose or misplace them.  Luckily, if you do still have the slides or negatives of your photos, it’s actually quite easy to quickly digitally archive your photos.

There are two main ways to get the pictures converted to digital.
First, you can have a professional service archive them for you. This is certainly the no-hassle way to archive photos, but it can be a bit pricey too. The second, and perhaps better way, to archive your photos is to use a purchase a slide to digital picture converter and do it yourself. These converters can take either slides or negatives and quickly scan them into a digital format on your computer. In fact, depending on how many pictures you intend to archive, buying the converter will usually save you money over a professional service. Plus converting them yourself gives you complete control over cropping and retouching the digital copies as you’d like. Either way, in the end you’ll have preserved your memories in a digital format that will last a lifetime and more.

Decorating walls – Antique looking decor

Decorating a room is always fun and interesting. There are so many things to play with and colors to use. Walls, especially, can add real character and life to rooms. Here are some simple and easy wall decorating tips and ideas to liven up walls in living rooms, master bedrooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms and even bathrooms.

  • The simplest step is – paint the walls. Use your creativity. Paint it a tone darker and it will highlight the entire room. For a more unusual look, paint stripes or circles. You can choose a color that contrasts well with the color of the wall. Alternatively, put up removable wallpaper. This will help you in changing it later on.
  • Adding lights on the wall is a very dramatic idea. Aside from being decorative, they are very functional as well. It is a nice thing to add if you have reading area or just a couch in a corner. On walls of your bedroom, lights can give a very romantic touch. So choose them carefully.
  • Wall shelves, custom made ones are awesome. Give them a shape that very unusual. A geometric shaped shelf looks really nice and the best thing is it doesn’t have to be of a particular shape. So play with it. You can use these for putting up anything from pictures to your own self collection of anything. Blik wall decal is also a beautiful idea. These graphics will also go well with your geo metric shelves.
  • Wall arts are the best things to do to your walls. One thing you should remember when adding artwork on the wall is its size. Think of where you are going to position it. It’s not sensible to buy a wall décor without assessing the area where it’s going to be hung. If possible don’t put anything else on the walls. It will make this stand out!

You can achieve a new look for a room just by dealing with the wall. Think of an exciting way to jazz it up and you will surely save a lot for the redecoration.

Get the facts on the Antique look

While the contemporary, modern furniture tops the list these days, there are also a number of people who still love the old, antique type of furnishings. Antique furniture looks grand, expensive, classy and very royal though its mostly quite heavy. Whatever my entire house looks like, I always prefer to have the master bedroom and the living room furnished with antique furniture and accessories. Alternatively, you can have one special room of this type at home. Read how these three pieces of furniture decorate your house the antique style:

  • The vanity table first became popular in the 18th century. Women used them as fashion aids, storing personal items like scarves, jewelry and make-up in the drawers and checking themselves out in the vanity mirror. Antique lovers will find these antique vanity tables add elegance to their collection, no matter what style they seek.
  • No wonder copper and bronze accessories remain in demand as they add a sense of earthiness to every home. And what can make soaking more antique than being in a copper bathtub? Any scratches will gradually dimmer and will eventually disappear keeping it clean just with a wipe of a cloth!
  • Antique writing desks are great for a writer in your home. They can be made of oak, mahogany or walnut, and are generally smaller desks with a single drawer. Find an antique writing desk that will match current furniture, and fit into the designated space.

Some other important info:

American Furniture
the most popular types of the American style date back to 17th century and then the 18th. Check out:

  • William and Mary: 1690-1725

  • Queen Anne: 1725-1750

  • Chippendale: 1750-1780

  • Federal: 1790-1815

  • Classical: 1815-1825

  • Empire: 1815-1845

  • Country and Shaker: 1690-1900

I’ve been experimenting with art therapy

Why bother art journaling or keeping a journal? Because, according to recent studies about mental and physical therapy, art journaling is one of the greatest methods to heal yourself through art! Here’s how to get started.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which clients create a form of artwork during the therapy session or on their own time. More image-oriented examples include drawing, doodling, making a collage or sculpting a figure out of clay. If you like writing more, explore the lyrics of your favorite song, comment on a favorite photo or make a simple list of dreams or other things you want to do. None of these techniques require any special talent, experience or training in the arts!

The artwork is then used as a focus for reflection in words between the client and the therapist. This happens in much the same way as dreams are used in therapy because both artwork and dreams access the unconscious very rapidly!

Many people say they are totally healthy and do not need any of these silly art things! But, don’t forget that studying your unconscious can help you in many ways by improving your quality of life.

The easiest way to achieve that is to start keeping a journal! Keeping a journal—not necessarily an art one—can help you discover and find your inner self. It is a safe place to try something out and also a safe place to express yourself! Don’t forget that no one is going to judge you! It is a book of your life that belongs only to you! You are the writer of your own story and life.

So, take a note book, a sketchbook or simply a piece of paper and some pencils—try colored pencils or fine mechanical pencils for creativity and precision—and journal on it! Don’t think too much, just do in it whatever you want! Add colors, images, words, stickers and more. Then, watch to see what your pages are saying. You will be amazed with what you didn’t or couldn’t see before.

Summer treats – Love cooking

If one of your favorite hobbies is cooking and you want to cook the best meal every day, then you aren’t alone. Most of us work all day to put food on our tables and at the end of the day if you cannot cook something enjoyable then you just isn’t happy. Cooking can be easy and fun and compliments for your culinary skills even better! Also, there is the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”! But little do they know that we alone can’t get them good food. Cooking accessories, utensils are our essential best friends in the kitchen. Therefore, all of us always look for the most efficient and time saving items for cooking.Check these out:

  • I know a huge number of people who cannot substitute French fries with anything! So if you want to have your fries, the commercial French fry cutter will cut great fries of your choice of size for you and you can also make it much healthier and tastier at home.
  • Legendry cutlery is always welcome in every kitchen by every cook. Cutlery is the basic and most useful of all items in cooking. The 3″ paring and 7″ santoku knives of the Emeril Lagasse knife set are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip that lets you peel, core, chop and dice with ease.
  • One machine that will fry everything from your fries to chicken to fish and onion rings is the deep fryer cooker. If you want real quick sides to go along with drinks or other eatables, this machine is a must have!
  • If someone at your home has a sweet tooth, you will love having Paula Deen pastry board. It rolls out perfectly-shaped pie crusts and pastry shells and helps you in preparing great desserts every day!
  • Why fried chicken? All of you out there, who are very health conscious, go in for the grill chicken instead. You griller will do all the work. Just marinade and put it on and you will have delicious chicken in minutes.

What about breakfast

For most of us, breakfast is the yummiest of all meals. It’s the first meal of the day, it’s lighter than other meals and there’s variety to do with breakfasts! Most of us also do not have time on us to make good stuff so we usually end up having some sugary cereals. But we have never had the time to think that we can make a lot of other new stuff in very little time. The only thing we need is good, efficient cookware and bake ware!

  • Pancakes can be made a lot different from the regular ones. Add some potato, cheese and some yummy sauce like the peanut sauce and you just need a good pancake maker for this.
  • Make yummy waffles at home with the waffle maker. This also comes with a combo of waffle plus a sandwich maker that will grill you healthy sandwiches.
  • The Norpro doughnut maker can be sued for making yummy bagels and doughnuts. Peanut butter, chocolate sauce or cream cheese with it will give you an awesome breakfast!
  • The Cook pro egg poacher will give you a nice poached egg that’s healthy and tasty. You can also try having poached fish if you wish!
  • Grapefruit is excellent in the mornings as it helps in indigestions. A grapefruit juicer is the best as it extracts the maximum juice from a grapefruit. You can also juice oranges, lemons and limes efficiently using this machine.

Keep these efficient appliances at home to use it every day for a nice, healthy, yummy and quick breakfast treats.

Summer party idea’s

Getting your party planning organized is an important step to ensure that your big day goes ahead without any major headaches. Planning your party well in advance is a necessity. For a BBQ party, you must be design creative. You can start thinking about the different ways to decorate your house. I think it would be really cool if you would decorate the path to your backyard with outdoor candles and outdoor solar lights, which would highlight the way to the party area. The guests can have shade or prevent themselves from getting soaked from rain so you may definitely want to consider that part too.

Important things should not be forgotten. A gas grill is a wonderful piece to have for a BBQ party. Three out of four American households own a casting gas grill, also known as a barbecue. Many grill components can be replaced with new parts making it very easy to use. Gas grills are much more complex, and require additional components such as burners, valves, and heat shields compared to charcoal ones but are very efficient too. With this, you are done with the most essential part of your BBQ party!

For deserts, an interesting object will be the snow cone machines. These are a great hit among kids in any birthday party or BBQ party. These are original Mexican desserts that every kid loves. They are well loved in different countries that have their own ways of serving them. Venezuelan raspadas, for example, are topped with condensed milk. Snow cones are also enjoyed all over Asia. They are a low-cost summertime treat and they are either served in a cup or on a stick. Adults will love it too.

So everyone’s over at your house. The yard is packed. And with these delicious eatables and drinks on the tables, your guest will love being at your party!

Summer nights and lazy days

Hosting a sleepover this summer? Low-key but long-lasting, these parties are a great way to get friends together for a reunion, celebrate a birthday or just rejoice that school’s out! Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan for the big night.

1)      Have extra bedding. You have some decisions to make—will you all be piling into one bed, moving to a larger room for easy TV and microwave access, or sleeping under the stars? Plan accordingly with these helpful tips.

  • If you’re staying in the bedroom and need to update your décor, check out our bed-in-a-bag selection. I like the Cool Tilt Bed in a Bag from Walmart for style and affordability, but choose something that reflects your personality.
  • For living room sleepovers, big blankets are key. Go for size as well as comfort if your house has hardwood floors.
  • Sleeping  outside is a great way to enjoy the warm summer weather. Look into sleeping bags and a tarp or other method of groundcover. Or borrow a tent for added insulation and privacy.

2)      Be comfortable. It’s not every day that people see what you sleep in. What kind of pajamas will make you the most comfortable while still looking good?

  • I love satin silk pajamas for special occasions. Super comfortable and classy, these smooth, soft duds will make you the envy of your girlfriends.

3)      Keep everyone well-fed and entertained. You’ll want to have snacks, movies and board games on hand for the evening—just in case gossip can’t keep you up all night giggling. Here are a few suggestions, and ask your friends’ opinions!

  • No sleepover is complete without some sort of junk food. Ice cream can help you and your friends cool down after a hot summer day, and popcorn is easy to make by the bowl-full and perfect for watching movies in the dark.
  • Have some movies picked out so some of you can stay up and watch while others can fall asleep. “Mean Girls” is a classic for light-hearted girly fun, and some guys will ‘fess up to enjoying the flick as well. If you’re in the mood for scary, try “Shaun of the Dead” or the 1980 original “Prom Night.”
  • To keep the energy high, I’m a big fan of games like Taboo or Sorry. And definitely don’t pass up a glow-in-the-dark Ouija Board. Hold a mock séance, or just try to see who’s really controlling the planchette—if anyone!

Don’t forget the flashlights, and have an awesome time!

My laundry tips

Washing and drying your clothes is probably the most exciting thing about running out of clean underwear or pants. While many popular celebrities can live a lifestyle of never wearing the same pair of clothes ever again, most of us eventually will have to toss our dirty clothes into the washer and chill out at home or at the Laundromat for the next few hours. For those college students that are just getting to know an existence that takes away a mysterious figure that did the clothes-washing for them, here’s a list of necessary items involved in doing your laundry.

  1. Laundry hamper – Make life a little bit easier for yourself and stop tripping over that pile of dirty clothes. Wait, who are we kidding? It’s probably not a pile; change your philosophy of using the floor as a shelf and invest in a laundry hamper. It certainly beats forming a large ball of dirty clothes and gunning for the washer, because dropping your dirty underwear where a neighbor can see it is kind of awkward. You can even steer further away from laziness with a section laundry hamper to sort your whites and brights as you wear them out.
  2. Laundry detergent – Jesus may have walked on water but water alone will certainly not clean the ketchup stains from your jeans. Get some laundry detergent, and throw in some fabric softener while you’re at it so that your clothes don’t end up forming a static force field determined to make “ow” your one-word language.
  3. Washer dryer combo– Unless you intend on scrubbing your clothes and indulging in an Amish lifestyle, you have to find yourself a washing machine (and a dryer depending on your climate). Carry a large chunk of quarters or a debit card to buy a laundry card, or go deluxe and invest in a washer dryer combo at home. Pick out something environmentally friendly so that your bills are environmentally friendly.
  4. Fabric steamer – Sometimes you forget your load of clothes in the dryer and forget to take them out right away, leaving yourself a gift of wrinkly clothing. Ironing is such a hassle so I recommend a fabric steamer for those emergency wrinkle-free formal occasions that pop up. It’s just about the only time that waving your hand over something magically gets what you want; in this case it’s wrinkle-free clothes.
  5. Drying rack – For high-maintenance lingerie or dry-clean only clothes that you carelessly tossed in the washer, use a drying rack to make sure your clothes survive. It’s cheaper than going to the dry cleaners and most of the time my dried clothes look just fine without that dry-cleaning trip. Don’t try this at home with your tuxedo or formal dress though because I’m not responsible for those results.

So, there you have it, a tutorial on how to get your clothes cleaned. Now you have no excuse to walk around with the same pair of jeans on their 8th or 20th round of wear before being washed. Come on man, it’s starting to smell.

I love wine

Choosing then wrong beverage on a hot day can leave you feeling sticky and drained. Don’t make that mistake! Here are a few delicious wines of a range of prices that will leave you feeling refreshed even in the summer heat:

1)      Pacific Rim Vin de Glaciere ’07. Taste for flavors of peach and berry in this delicately balanced white. Citrusy and refreshing.

2)      Barefoot Chardonnay. A cheap and reliably decent wine, this chardonnay is great for summer because it is best served well chilled. Expect ripe, soft flavor and an easy finish.

3)      Kaara Cabernet/Syrah ‘09. This red Chilean blend is not for the faint of heart. Expect lots of ripe dark fruit flavors and a firm finish.

4)      Casillero del Diablo Carmenere ‘08. This red wine’s fresh, citric bouquet refreshes the pallet, giving way to hints of peach and gooseberry and a crisp, acidic finish.

5)      Maculan Torcolato ‘02. Nicknamed “sublime nectar,” any vintage of this Italian dessert wine is nothing short of superb. Mostly sweet but with rich aromas of spicy pear and hints of vanilla and honey, splurge for this wine on a special occasion.

Don’t forget—summer’s high temperatures can damage your wine, so make sure you store and chill it properly.

  • If you live in a cool environment, a simple wine rack may be sufficient. Try a wrought iron hanging wine rack for a style that goes with any décor.
  • But if temperatures tend to creep up, especially this time of year, you may want to invest in a proper wine chilling system—the optimal temperature at which to store wine is between 50 and 59°F. Check out the Summit wine refrigerator for a top-of-the-line option. Vinotemp wine refrigerators are considerably cheaper.
  • For half-finished bottles, pop in rubber wine stoppers for safe storage in a normal refrigerator or at room temperature for a few days.

To your health!

Summer party on a budget: Is it possible?

If organizing a DIY Birthday Party feels you with dread and makes you break out in hives, fear not. There is light at the end of the tunnel! I have always been of the philosophy that the smaller your budget, the more creative you have to be. And this applies to Children’s Birthday Parties too. I believe that in this day and age of recessions and economic awareness, it is still possible to have a stylish and memorable party without breaking the bank and without being a total Domestic Goddess! So what seems to be the current, sensible solution? I tell you: Custom, handmade and budget-friendly  parties PRINTOUTS that scream style and uniqueness – and not an ounce of mass-produced decorations sight! There is nothing more satisfying than a customized, DIY party prepared with love and care. Plus, it is a lot more fun too as you can involve the birthday child in the preparations, and thus help to create lasting memories and wonderful birthday traditions for all involved!
From the invitations, to cupcake toppers, party favors, and other decorative items – you can  use unique and yet affordable, Handmade Party Printouts to help you  create your very own custom, DIY Party. Just print, cut and decorate at your own pace and leisure! This approach, also allows you to mix and match available designs and themes to help you decorate the tableware, the room, the tables, the party favours, the gifts and even the food! In addition, you can personalize your party printouts, invites, and decor with your child’s photo, name, and age! So next time you want to party in style, don’t fret and think high costs. Think creatively and HANDMADE instead!

Go glam for your summer party

Looking to go full-on glam or beach crazy chick or runway model extraordinaire this summer? It’s never too early to start planning your outfits and it’s never too early to start your summer shopping. Read on for the top 5 must haves to complete your summer #ootd:

Summer Dress
Get ready from day to night in a chic and breezy H&M summer dress. Pair with gladiator sandals, boots, or even stylish flip-flops and you’re good to go.

Colored-Tip Wayfarer Sunglasses
Pretty pastel colored-tip sunglasses don’t just make you look retro-chic but totally does double duty as protection for your eyes from the sun’s harmful, cancer-causing rays.

Bright Bling
Don a pair of colorful earrings or a bright yellow bangle or some neon pink opera style necklace to add more color to your summer.

Wedge Sandals
Wedge sandals are perfect for any and all of your summer outfits: sundress, crop top + pants, etc.

Summer Handbag
Who wants to lug around a big bag in the summer heat? Complete your outfit with a colorful handbag that can hold your phone, wallet, and makeup essentials.

Get your shades on!

One of the best accessories that anyone can wear is sunglasses. Other than being trendy and fashionable, they also have the purpose of protecting your eyes. With spring and summer coming up, buying a new pair of sunglasses would be the perfect investment for sun protection. Anytime I wear sunglasses I instantly feel more glamorous. I think it’s mostly because celebrities always wear sunglasses. Although they’re usually hiding from paparazzi, they also always know just the right pair that goes with their outfit. That’s why choosing your own pair of sunglasses is so important. It makes a statement, while also allowing you to hide your eyes from the glaring sun.

A fabulous pair that you can get is the Versace 2021 gold brown gradient. These stylish shades feature a gold rimless frame and have brown gradient lenses. You’ll feel ultra confident walking down the sidewalk with these on and if you’re in LA one day, who knows? You may even get mistaken for a celebrity.

Sunglasses are definitely an essential accessory when it comes to the sunnier months of the year.  Protecting your eyes is something everyone should care about anytime they walk outside. Most sunglasses these days come equipped with UV protection, blocking out the sun’s harmful rays. You’ll want to get a pair that has 100 percent UV protection so you’ll be completely protected. Another pair that you may consider is the Michael Kors MKS523, which is another chic pair that can help guard your eyes.

While some people think of sunglasses as an excuse to pretend to be someone’s favorite detective, they’re mostly to shield your eyes from the sun. They’re a wonderful investment for this time of year and either of the choices mentioned before would be a great addition to your wardrobe or other sunglasses you may already own.

Give yourself the gift of summer…Shoes!

It can be a little difficult to buy shoes online. You can’t try a pair of shoes online to see how it fits and looks on your feet. This should surely not stop you from shopping online. Even if you are waiting on your next pay-cheque and it seems that it will never come. Retail therapy is classed as medicinal, so even if you don’t buy, you can look and be calmed by the tranquility of materialism!

Don’t make a hasty decision just because it’s the ‘Sale season’

A lot of big brands offer their shoes on Sale. Sale seasons can attract you and even make you buy some really pretty shoes but all stylish shoes are not comfortable. So, make sure you pick shoes that have comfortable heels. Also, check out all the details of your favourite shoes online. Don’t forget to read all the features of the shoes before you buy them. Make sure they have traction and a breathable upper.

For some more practical advice, go with what feels good, what you like and what is going to suit you. Now nobody can tell you the answers to these three magic questions, so go with what you will like and more importantly wear! You don’t want to blow your wages on a pair of shoes that then proceed to sit in the closet for the next 5-years, before you give them to the local charity shop.

Blow the budget?

While it might be tempting to say, ‘to heck with it’ and splurge on a new pair of shoes, you need to hedge your bets and confirm, reaffirm and think before all major purchases. Including shoes! Don’t go overboard simply because they are the new thing or you saw Madonna wearing them at her latest film premiere. Think long and hard is my advice. And if you simply must have them why not put the cost onto a credit card so that you can make the payment at the end of the month when you get paid? There’s nothing worse than running out of cash before payday. If credit cards aren’t an option, payday loans are always handy for me, more on that later.

Explore some good shoes in a nearby market

You can go to a nearby market and check out some bargains. Now these won’t be designer but they will be cheap. This could even leave you open to buying several pairs for the price of one designer pair. Again only go with something you love!

Use massaging gel insoles for your favorite shoes that are too cute to be thrown away

If you want to buy shoes more freely and quickly online then consider some massaging gel insoles. They will ease any unexpected pain. Engineered for most shock absorption, these insoles don’t rupture or leak. They have up to 75% more cushioning energy than the regular gel insoles. They act like tiny springs that absorb all the stress, allowing you to stay at comfort all day.

Lack of money?

There are lots of options when it comes to getting cash before you have it, there are credit cards or loans of course. Payday loan sites offer a specific service specially for those with a less than perfect credit score. Loans aren’t the answer of course if you suffer from long-term debt, and will likely only heap more misery upon an already miserable situation. Use wisely and appropriately!

Don’t like shoes, then I have the only other summer option you’ll need to glam up any drab outfit. Sunglasses!

Check out the hot new fad this summer

Take a guess on the bright colored glasses that have carried on for so long, from the retro 80’s right up to the present day. Yes, neon sunglasses it is. Neon sunglasses are again the newest rage in sunglasses. They are made up of rubber or plastic and are available in bright colors. They give you the cool factor not seen in the regular glasses. They are a fun hand out for kids’ parties or even pool or office parties. They provide you that vibrant summer look. Summer is for lot of sun and fun activities and these colorful glasses only enhance that look and feel.

Where to buy?

These glasses can be ordered in assorted colors with different price range depending on your need. You can even have them with your special message or logo to convey your unique style statement. Some manufacturers have gone a step ahead and offer them in custom features like glow in the dark and heart shape.  Additionally, they are also available in shutter and radiator style.

Who will not like a pair of sunglasses in the summer? It does not have to be just for regular use. Be innovative and use them for a birthday party at the beach or for a prom event for the teens. Alternatively, it could also be used for some memorable summer event like a wedding or anniversary. Imagine the fun and enthusiasm when everyone including the bride is posing in these flashy sunglasses for a picture. Everybody will remember these cute sunnies for fun photos of the wedding day.

Shopping on a budget

For those that do not have spare cash to be splashing my top tip is to use charity shops. They are simply a Godsend in a lot of cases. You can pick up designer shoes, bags, coats, you name it, you’ll find it in the good ol’ charity shop.

What’s best is you won’t be getting into trouble with the hubby or causing yourself to go into your overdraft to be able to afford that piece of clothing to do for.

The sizing will of course be restricted and you’ll have to really scour to find what you’re looking for. But this is all part of the game when it comes to saving your money by using charity shops instead of high street clothing stores. Cut up that credit card, your penny jar is now the only form of currency you’ll ever need!



A New Yorker, North London and Nineties RnB

Recently, my favourite New Yorker Lydia secretly crossed the Atlantic to surprise our friend Emily on her birthday. There were a few hairy moments where the secret was almost revealed and the actual reveal itself was even more ridiculous than planned (lets just say it involved a wardrobe), but it was a great success and between birthday celebrations and reunions galore a weekend of pure fun ensued.

It all began on the Friday, when I met the gang at the Lock Tavern in Camden. After being happily reunited with Lydia, we all sat outside chatting, drinking wine out of absurdly tiny glasses and laughing far too much. Cue group reunion photo number 1/10000:

The next day, dressed only ever so slightly like a matchy girl band, we headed to Hampstead Heath. Id never visited before and I just couldn’t believe how lovely it was; it felt a million miles away from London and yet the whole city lay right there before us! Actually though, my favourite thing about Hampstead Heath was how jolly everyone there was. From couples young and old to children with kites and all the most adorable puppies in London, everyone was in high spirits (us included!).

When the cold got too much, we retreated to a pub for a few hours before heading back to Emily and Sophie’s to prepare ourselves for a night of 90s RnB at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington. My personal highlight? Every time a Destiny’s Child song was played, obviously.

The final (and only slightly less wholesome) day of the weekend involved a much needed trip to Five Guys and a wander around Covent Garden. I didn’t actually get to end the perfect weekend with a goodbye to Lydia at all as she hopped on a tube and it was all too late (so tragic), but I’ve decided that that was perfectly fitting as it means that well just have to be reunited again soon!

Lydia if you’re reading this thank you for the best weekend we love and miss you!